11 june 2016

Martin Waltz - the streets within

lively and sensitive martin waltz has the treets within himself.  they speak to him.  and he cheerfully returns the favor with every scene he catches.  he speaks the very berlin vocabulary, bold, swift and pithy as if there were no more fun to expect from tomorrow on.

martin waltz

arr daigler

5 march 2016

谢怡傲/YiAo Xie - china forbidden still

yes, China remains forbidden still.  even the simple access to panoramio is denied. and other restrictions will soon be implemented.   to photograph what you like, when you like, the way you like, in the angle you like remains a deliberate act of defiance.  it is under this angle i suddenly came to understand the value of YiAo Xie's work.  i saw his/her technique quickly evolve, his/her perception sharpen and deepen.  i now appreciate much better the great quality of the glance of the untamed animal, the tactile and simbiotic relation with his/her universe.


arr daigler

18 may 2014

Michael Talbot - urban ghost

at first, i thought of michael talbot's photographic work as edgy.  and then, after giving it the chance to grow on me, i realised that it stands much closer to the core, that it could be viewed as inner states spelled with the help of very urban events, just as they come : raw, daring and challenging.


arr daigler.



22 february 2014

Orville Robertson - street photographer

a quiet feast, to be enjoyed in silence almost.  orville robertson.  the discreet photographer's sensitive perception of the street's shouts and whispers.


arr daigler.


21 decembre 2012

a first year

i wish to thank all my visitors, without any discrimination.  those who have commented, those who have not.  even those who have not foud any pleasure.  just like music : it will never rally everyone, and it is all very well like this.  and fully assumed.

for the blog, the first year has been a good one.  at the same time i kept on chasing, for pictures as well as for my own voice, and i'm fully loaded for 2013.  i could draw some tendencies, though not as fast as i would have wished, and in growing, the body of work might offer a bit more consistency.  i somehow gained a better technique, i have rounded up my subjects with a bit more precision.   i have been influenced.  i also discovered other photographers who, despite living at the other end of the world, speak a similar language : maybe not morphogenetical fields, but minds with likely sensibilities.  and mostly, as again this morning, in the snow, both feet in the sludge of the sidewalks, being splashed by the traffic, i took a real pleasure, intense as the one a kid has playing his favorite game, forgetting hunger and cold.

arr daigler


25 novembre 2012

Jean françois Abbate, les particules étranges

there is a moment, furtive and very short, to be found between the state of inertia and the one of movement.  a moment when the aura streches and frays.  it is this minute fraction of time that jean-françois abbate seems wishing to grab.  and it is in such a state of mind, reminiscence of the one fashioning the work of those ted croner and louis faurer, where all the strenght resides in the weakness, where all the uncertainty materializes, that he chooses to offer it.


arr daigler.


october 13, 2012

Jen Davis

you had already entered your house, leaving the door wide open as a sign of welcome.

it's always tip-toeing that i visit jen davis' intimacy.  such an assumed and silent ambience prevails.  one that i wish to never disturb.  lots of power, lots of vulnerability; both inhabiting her whole home.  never over a compromise, never as a balance somewhere in between those two poles, but as distinct entities all of their own.  here taboos are simply pushed aside with the back of the hand.

jen leans on sensitive, precise and direct technics and intention.  she speaks the words of the daily life with great candour.  she never pours out.

to this day, i know nothing comparable.


arr daigler.


september 14, 2012

Hugo Poon

the pleasure a photographer derives from his/her passion surely shows through the work of Hugo Poon.  a lush blog, a collection of peculiarly colorful photographs, with spontaneous and animated constructions, on a so urban subject.


arr daigler.

september 8, 2012

Steve McCurry

when humanity is the subject, i can go for almost anything.  but when it is delivered with true mastery, true respect and true love, i can only kneel and thank.


arr daigler.


august 29, 2012

Joel Meyerowitz

why is it that, sometimes, the obvious takes forever to reach me ?  everyone is familiar with joel meyerowitz but me.  red his name in a book on color photography [the genius of color photography; pamela roberts; goodman books ISBN 978-1-84796-015-3] and after a bit of research, here is what i found : the 1981 street photography program (not available on youtube anymore), one fascinating hour with him on the streets of new york, by and with robert gilberg.

arr daigler.


august 20, 2012

Élaine Vallet

sometimes like the post-war photographers, sometimes like the most discerning publicities, sometimtes like a painter, élaine vallet makes the most of her technical savoir-faire, fills most of her images with a psychology (that might be unexplored), but manages to leave me overcome with lasting thoughts and impressions.

arr daigler.


august 17, 2012

Brandon Stanton

a walkabout, somehow. beings in their own rights, one at a time. a great urban kaleidoscope of faces.  brandon chooses tu use a very dynamic approach for each of his subject, and posesses a true sense of portraiture :  he brings the most timid ones to speak out and grants the most extrovert ones unquestionable friendlyness. and he is prolific.

arr daigler.


july 26, 2012

Gabriela Herman

it only takes one picture, it grabs me completely and i dive right into it.  and i could stay there for hours and hours on end.  Gabriela Herman : poolscape #57 : colors magnifiques, movements dancing, just what it takes of blur, and the subject in itself from which a quasi-abstraction is created.

arr daigler.



june 5, 2012


recently, i came across the photo blog of Nguan.  his approch, with his bleached colors, his subjects caught within their contexts, his choice of the moments he presents us, peculiarly pleased me.  his technique is precise and delicate, modern and quiet.  and those caracteristics serve his work and really set it aside.

arr daigler.



may 25, 2012

Massimo Veracini

i came back from Florence with an unexpected surprise.  passed a discreet door of the interior yard of the Palazzio Strozzi, without even be well advertised, there was a small exhibition of about twenty pictures by Massimo Veracini.  a classical approach, with much simplicity, in black and white, sometimes with humour, but mostly touching.  for me, something like this is worth a trip.

arr daigler.



march 11, 2012

let's pop the cork !

this is the day of the official launching and i'm just as excited as a kid on christmas eve !

arr daigler.

january 15, 2012

pre launching of the blog.

some selected friends, chosen upon various and precise criteria, have been invited to visit the blog.  in return, they were appealed to share their impressions and comments in regard to the site itself.  this being the tool through which i will ponder upon the practical and esthetical suggestions.  technical limits allowing (mine and those of the product), the chosen improvements will be applied progressively.

i wish to thank right from the start those who have been invited, even if some of them will not find the time.  i also wish to remind those i have not invited that they remain my friends and that they will be rewarded with a personal invitation to the official launching.

arr daigler.