berliner sitzung (e)

i am glad that, right at the beginning, i decided to wait a year or so before presenting any of my photographs.  more so for the berlin session.  when spending time making a selection, organizing the sequences, identifying everyone of them, i realised how much of a portrait i had made of a terrific city that, for a long time - in fact until now - i kept thinking of how little i had grasped it (and surely not entirely, and of course subjectively).  but the puzzling aspects of berlin, the offsetting ones, the challenging ones, were caught for sure.  berlin is a multiple personnality city, or so it seems to me.  that is probably why i related to it so deeply.  

i only needed a bit of time to fully realise it.

so today, pretty glad to kick off the first part of the "berliner sitzung" with a picture that, by itself alone, well summarises my personnal connection with that singular world city.

berliner sitzung