on my first visit new york city blows my eyes, my head and my heart.  i want to take it back with me, in my pocket.

and one thing leads to another.  from berenice abbott to keith kin yan.  from joe holmes to david bradford.

many things lead to many others.  eugene atget,  alfred stieglitz,  henri cartier-bresson,  saul leiter.  i still learn from those people.  trente parke, vivian meyer, boris savelev, thierry girard, and how many more still.

as much as i learn from plenty of other people from different spheres of activity.  william s burroughs, jacques prévert, and salman rushdie, perotin or paert or pink floyd or portishead.  and all those architects, those palladio and calatrava, who create those places that excite me so.  through their works, through the juxtaposition of their works, willingly, accidently, all periods jumbled up.  i also learn from those who learn at the same time as me.  my regards to luciam, ihynz and ôwî jack, all at panoramio.  and all the people i get across every day, with their respective convictions, opinions and beliefs, even those totally unalike me, matter much.  because all of them, unknowingly i suppose, make the world that i frame in pictures.  yes, it is me who thank you.

arr daigler, december 6th, 2011